Energy Medicine is a path.

Energy Medicine is a path.
A pathway to the body's wisdom

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Energy Medicine?????

I had been working as a physical therapist for almost a decade when I was introduced to Craniosacral Therapy{CST} in a private practice of outpatient care.  I had always connected with clients especially during massage techniques as this is a doorway into the body and the wisdom it holds in cellular memory.  Clients validated my massage techniques which reinforced the value of manual therapy and that I should continue my exploration of other techniques.  I immediately connected with CST and realized it suited my hand skills and my intuitive skills{which I have had since I was  young girl}.  CST bridged my talents to service clients with the healing art of an energetic medicine modality.
Over time providing this very individualized and specialized therapy, I started to understand the pain body's language and how to support the client in developing a relationship with their body's wisdom.  The body is a very divine package and it has everything it needs for healing when accessed.  Energy balancing with CST as a foundation creates a doorway to release cell memory of painful blocks of stored experiences whether they be physical, emotional, and/or spiritual.
Blocked pain is released in the form of heat which can be felt by the client.  This is a powerful connection for the client to relate to their pain body and develop a relationship within their own intuitive advisor for health and wellbeing.  Supporting a healing field dynamic through a quantum medicine approach is very valuable for client.  Energy in the body is rebalanced in a whole way for the client's empowerment in their own healthcare.  Supporting a healing path is an incredible journey for all.

Monday, April 11, 2011


       A sign of the times requires new strategy to revitalize 31 years of practicing hands on physical therapy in office opened in 1991.  Two manual techniques of quantum medicine that I have been incorporating for years in my very specialized and individualized practice are energy balancing and craniosacral.  Thankfully,   these techniques are becoming more utilized and sought after by the individual desiring more responsibility in their health and wellbeing.
     As a quantum medicine healthcare practitioner my shingle design has changed and reveals the opportunity to deliver holistic healthcare by including these techniques on the sign.  This design outreach has grown from not only my office sign, business cards and flyers, but also to various medias.  Chatham Physical Therapy/Craniosacral can be found on facebook pages.  CPT/CST can also be found on LinkedIn and this new blogspot.
     Re-energizing, literally the energy in this energy practice has been a great journey and has opened doors to those clients who are seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  My doors are open in Chatham, NY and clients are local and travel from greater suburban areas and other states.
     I look forward to the bigger picture in healthcare to continue to provide balanced, partnered energy medicine experiences to enhance health and wellbeing for participating clients.  Everything is connected by energy.
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Journey into Light

Expanding  horizons from above,
Reaching across vast spaces of origin.
A passage into light, awakening spirit,
Opening, Breathing, Believing in,
The longing of the heart.
Feeling spaciousness inside
Coming Home.....
Returning Self.......
Loving and Compassionate.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Craniosarcral Therapy CST

CST is gentle touch assisting the body to release pain/injury through the CST rhythm  of cerebrospinal fluid housed in the dural membranes of the brain and spinal cord.  CST rhythm  cycles every 6-8 seconds on average  of subtle lengthening and shortening of the body's structures.   CST generally is very relaxing and can balance  and release stored energetic cell memory resulting in improved health and well being.