Energy Medicine is a path.

Energy Medicine is a path.
A pathway to the body's wisdom

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Energy Medicine?????

I had been working as a physical therapist for almost a decade when I was introduced to Craniosacral Therapy{CST} in a private practice of outpatient care.  I had always connected with clients especially during massage techniques as this is a doorway into the body and the wisdom it holds in cellular memory.  Clients validated my massage techniques which reinforced the value of manual therapy and that I should continue my exploration of other techniques.  I immediately connected with CST and realized it suited my hand skills and my intuitive skills{which I have had since I was  young girl}.  CST bridged my talents to service clients with the healing art of an energetic medicine modality.
Over time providing this very individualized and specialized therapy, I started to understand the pain body's language and how to support the client in developing a relationship with their body's wisdom.  The body is a very divine package and it has everything it needs for healing when accessed.  Energy balancing with CST as a foundation creates a doorway to release cell memory of painful blocks of stored experiences whether they be physical, emotional, and/or spiritual.
Blocked pain is released in the form of heat which can be felt by the client.  This is a powerful connection for the client to relate to their pain body and develop a relationship within their own intuitive advisor for health and wellbeing.  Supporting a healing field dynamic through a quantum medicine approach is very valuable for client.  Energy in the body is rebalanced in a whole way for the client's empowerment in their own healthcare.  Supporting a healing path is an incredible journey for all.

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