Energy Medicine is a path.

Energy Medicine is a path.
A pathway to the body's wisdom

Monday, May 2, 2011

Seeking Energy Medicine

     As a young child I had extrasensory perception  and regularly in dreams I would receive pastlife information,  that I now understand as an adult.  One night, I awoke  in  the middle of the night as a 4 year old and I saw this elderly couple faintly at the end of my bed.  I hesitated under my covers as I tried to squint my eyes to see  if I had been making it up.  They were still there!  I then decided to approach the end of my bed and sweep my hands through their bodies.  They were gone and I realized as a  young child that they were an apparition and later on in life they were my paternal grandparents that were dead at  the time.
     I had no one to turn to discuss my sensitivity and realized in my growing years that this inner sense was leading somewhere unknown.  When I discovered craniosacral therapy, I had finally found a platform for my inner intuition.  Craniosacral therapy, CST, creates a field to embody the human light field and all of it's energetic elements.  In the healing field ,  expanded awareness is a portal, or doorway into the human light body.  All of my energy centers are radar for a client's blocked energy as soon as they enter the treatment room.  Observation, listening to their story about their painbody, and palpating the painbody is experienced in a healing session.  
     I remember the first time that I saw energy.  It is like a wave of heat and light rippling through the energy centers of the client's body.   The release of the painbody is observable to my eyes and  energy centers.  This experience is internal and external to all of the inner senses.  An electrical surge or current flows out the chakras and extremities.  The clients' light body expands and lightens improving breath, posture,  pain,  and their connectedness with the language and wisdom of their painbody.  
       Somatoemational release and energy balancing are deeper CST techniques.  Clients are able to release the physical manifestation of  their pain emotionally and spiritually.    Shoulder and neck pain are housed within the fourth and fifth energy centers , respectively.   The heartache/loss and grief are activated from the heart to the throat for expression.  Lowbackpain is in the second energy center and this houses power, relationships,  money, and sex issues.  Often the first and third energy centers of family traditions and sense of self{respectively} are a part of the lowback release.  Sinusitus is in the sixth energy center and will release into  the fifth and seventh centers.  Understanding one's perspective{6th} and realizing one's path{7th} and then expressing{5th} this are integrated energetically.
     The inner journey through the painbody, or injury releases stored cell memory.  This is released like a bolt of electricity gently to guide the client's awareness of mind-body-spirit for healing.  The body truly is a divine package and has all that is required for healing.  The body is an intuitive advisor to discover health and wellbeing through energy medicine.

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