Energy Medicine is a path.

Energy Medicine is a path.
A pathway to the body's wisdom

Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Emotional Energy Center

The root chakra is located in the lower pelvis slightly above the pubic bone.  Your trust and connection with your family of origin is powered in this center.  The balances of this power of trust, dependency, and sense of safety in the world manifests in this place.
Excessive mistrust in anyone but yourself, or excessive independence in just yourself can lead to imbalances and can manifest physically in the body structure, bones, joints,  spine, blood, and immunity.  Poor sense of belonging, helplessness , and fearfulness all feed this imbalance.  Who is your true support, social network, and help?
Connection to whole and healthy family and friends nourishes one's energy and health.  Becoming aware of how this affects  one's wiring in the physiology of mind, body and spirit  lends to creating wellbeing.  Resourcefulness and ability to cope is read  deeply in the body's blood ties......literally.  Your framework, support, and interactions can shift your health. Releasing blocked energy with CST  opens doorways for new connections.

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